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From the Single- to the Quadruple scissors …

HF-Scissor lifting tables are known for their solid construction, their low maintenance and their high reliability and safety.

Alternatives of Configuration:

  • Lift table hot-dip galvanised
  • Platform lock
  • Overloading flap
  • Moving crash portal
  • Railing fixed oder pluggable mounted
  • Depositories with permanent-lubricant dispenser
  • Roll-up cover, expansion bellows
  • truck-overridden
  • roll-off safety on the platform topside
  • battery mode
  • base frame with chassis

Imagevideo Wieder Maschinenbau / Elevators + Lifting Platforms

Safety-Related Performance::

  • Safety distance/gap between the scissors
  • electrical locked, circulating connected multiple plug
  • pipe breakage protection as a hose rupture valve
  • Overload valve
  • Inspection supports
  • Hoist limit switch
  • Deadman’s control

Company Data / General technical requirements

Level compensation
Assembling work
Connecting floor levels
Truck traversable
Forklift traversable
Area load
Point load
lifting and sinking load ... kg
Locking on position
Overcharge flap
Central lubrication
Automatical lubrication for 12 months
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